About Us

Andy K. Chan, CPA, Professional Corporation was created with the vision of being able to offer high quality professional accountancy services. We proudly serve and respond to the needs of our clients in private as well as not-for-profit sectors. We provide a collaborative, cost-effective approach in handling business and personalized strategies to help organizations succeed throughout Canada as well as the United States.

Service Areas
Our comprehensive suite of professional and advisory services helps businesses grow and prosper. Our company offers tailor made services for both individual business owners as well as business corporations. These services include:

  • Assurance and Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Tax
  • Technology Solutions


Andy Chan has over 20 years of Canadian professional accountancy experience. His extensive knowledge of the Canadian Tax System and the Financial Reporting Standards allows him to provide his clients with different perspectives in about tax planning and compliances. Andy has always been referred as an experiential expert in the accounting industry especially when it comes to taxes. With his previous professional management experience at MNP LLP where he managed an accounting team for High Net Worth client group, Andy proudly presents himself with a wide variety of tax services. In addition, he provides his different clients with a wide variety of innovative strategic thinking so as to allow them to deal with not only different but complex tax challenges.Andy has also given presentations on various key issues such as incorporation, tax-free investment strategies, GST/HST, retirement planning etc. He also provides advising services for owners or managers to operate their businesses both efficiently and effectively. Through performance management, industry benchmarking, tax planning and other essential tools, he helps his clients in measuring their business performance as well as enhancing its profitability. All in all, Andy Chan dedicates to provide his clients with information that empowers them to make informative business decisions.